CPAC Academy Begins the School Year Informed and Acquainted Featured

Thursday, 22 June 2017 21:18
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As school year 2017-2018 kicks off, pupils from the elementary department, students from the academy

and the different departments of the college and faculty and staff flocked to the wisdom park morning of June 13, 2017 for the flag-raising ceremony.

Then everybody headed to the Pioneer Hall for a general assembly of all CPAC students. A devotional program was led by Pastor Eldyn Toledo, Vice-President for Student Affairs. It was followed by the introduction of the administrators, faculty and staff of the college.

After this program, the junior and high school students stayed by for their orientation given by Mr. Arturo Sarrosa, Academy Academic Coordinator, Mr. Prospero Gonzaga, and the principal, Mrs. Delcy Melliza.

In the afternoon, the students came back for an acquaintance party prepared by the academy teachers. They led out in various games like the hula-hoop race, the ‘under over’, a relay game and many more games which engaged the students to mingle and cooperate with their classmates.

[It was such] a big crowd, [and] we did not expect it… Some of the students are [still] shy and [were] not able to participate but it… ended up with smiles on the faces of each academy student,” Mrs. Ellen Tapaya, Grade 10 adviser, shared.

To date, there are 32 Grade 7, 30 Grade 8, 25 Grade 9 and 16 Grade 10 students that are officially in the master list Junior High School students of the registrar. The Grade 12 has a number of 165 enrollees while the Grade 11 has the most number of enrollees at 216.


This school year, the junior and senior high school will be combined in one department – the Academy – under the leadership of its principal, Mrs. Delcy Melliza.





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