Academy Students Campaign for Student Government Spots Featured

Thursday, 22 June 2017 21:56
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On June 15, 2017, the Junior High School and the Senior High School convened inside the Pioneer Hall to hear the candidates for the Student Government (SG) campaign for their running parties.

As there will be separate student governments for the junior high school and the senior high school, two parties campaigned from the junior high school and one party campaigned from the senior high school department.

The sole party who ran for SHS Student Government were composed of Grade 12 students: Juviemae Marañon (President); Gersan Dale Memis (Vice President for Social Affairs); Meden Hope Repolidon (Vice President for Religious Affairs); Precious Mae Farrol (Secretary); Svelte Shaera Paragat (Treasurer); and Ralph Arven Dela Rama, Kier Francis Espares, Darius Belinario, Andrewmeir Legaspi, and Neptune Sanza (Artists). They call their party the Responsible and Integrated TEam Motivating Each one for Development (RITEMED).

From the Junior High School students, two parties are vying for position in the Student Government. The first party dubbed themselves the TEEN’S Party or the “Twenty first century student leaders Empowered by Christian virtues Enhanced to alleviate lifelong education Nurturing neoclassical minds for Service oriented governance.” This party is forerun by Ann Quinnevere Arquil for President, Jan Frederick Valenton for Vice President Social, Jyrah Lyn Denoya for Vice President Religious, Shineth Dawn Ban for Secretary, Izshie Cluie Villar for Associate Secretary, Jan Pauline Daquipil for Treasurer, Nezeil Pabillon for P.I.O, and Allen John Diaz, Jeric Fabura, Crisbert Panuelo and Trisha Pabillon as Artists.

Another party attempting to fill the positions in the Student Government was the L.O.N.G. Party headed by Miakulei Acuña as their running president. With her are Keziah Dane Aloro as Vice President for Social Affairs, Chernie Cañada as Vice President for Religious Affairs, Benith Rose Dela Rama as Secretary, Kyane Gelian Perl Mabida as Treasurer, and Loraine Silvestre, Jose Louise Guansing and Lyza Fernandez as Artists.

The candidates from all running parties were given time to introduce themselves and present their platform and plans should they be elected as SG officers this school year.

The candidates are given a week to campaign. On Friday, July 23, will be the elections.


~Keziah Dane Aloro                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Grade 10

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