College Board Convenes on Campus; Approves Scholarship for Qualified Faculty Dependents

Sunday, 06 August 2017 19:53
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A special College Board meeting took place on campus on July 19, 2017, during the 4-day AAA Accreditation of the College. 

One of the significant actions taken during the meeting was the approval of the scholarship for qualified dependents at all levels of faculty members of the college as per policy. The scholarship intends to give additional assistance towards the 40% share of faculty members after the 60% educational subsidy has been applied. 

For faculty members with students in the kinder to college levels, this means good news as it will help lessen their expenses. “With a school boy starting this year, the scholarship means ‘hurray!’ since only my husband is regularly employed in the college for now,” commented Mrs. Ellen Tapaya, a teacher in the academy. “At least, we will not be too affected with the added expenses we have to deal with.”


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