Central Philippine Adventist CollegeCental Philippine Adventist College



( )Original Form 138/HS Card

( )Birth Certificate (NSO Authenticated)

( )6 copies (2x2) ID Pictures

( )6 copies (1x1) ID Pictures

( )Certificate of Good Moral Character from Principal

( )Application for Admission approved by the Dean of Student Affairs

( )Qualifying Examination

( )Application Fee (Php 300)


( )Honorable Dismissal from the school last attended

( )Certification of grades/Transcript of Records (for evaluation)

( )6 copies (2x2) ID Pictures

( )6 copies (1x1) ID Pictures

( )Application Fee Php 300



( )Must have an average grade of B or its equivalent.

( )Must submit a Certification of Good or the Dean of Student Affairs of the school last attended, stating categorically that the applicant has never been involved in any form of delinquency.

( )Applicants from non-English-speaking co have passed the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) from their country of origin.

( )Applicant must pay an application fee of US $ 120.00 that is non-refundable. This fee should be paid upon submission of the application form to the College. (This fee is subject to change).

( )Sponsored or non-sponsored applicant must pay a Financial Guarantee Deposit and an Airfare Deposit to be specified by the Business Office. This amount should be sent to the school upon admission and prior to the student’s arrival. The deposit must be in a check form and in US dollar currency, payable to Central Philippine Adventist College. The Airfare deposit represents the student’s purchase of air ticket back to his country, which could only be withdrawn upon finishing the course or leaving the school permanently. The Financial Guarantee Deposit could be used by the student as an advance payment for the student’s expenses upon enrolment.


A foreign student who comes to the Philippines for the sole purpose of taking courses beyond high school should be at least 18 years of age, and must accomplish the following: 

1) Submit the following documents (a - f) to the nearest Philippine Embassy/ Consulate for authentication.

a) Six (6) copies of personal history statement* -- with original signature, picture, and the left and right thumb marks on each copy.
b) Two (2) copies of original Transcript of Records
c) High School/College diploma and certification of graduation.
d) Birth certificate, photocopy of passport page where birth date and birthplace appear.
e) A duly notarized affidavit of support* (at least US $12,000 for a four-year course) signed by authorized person or sponsor.
f) Certification of Good Moral Character from the school head of the institution where degree was obtained or from the principal/teacher.
g) Two (2) typewritten letters of recommendation.
h) Overseas Student’s Pledge* duly signed (Forms are sent by CPAC to student applicant)

2) After authentication the applicant should send the documents to CPAC.

3) The school, if satisfied that the academic requirements have been complied with, issues a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to the student. A copy is forwarded to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) together with the authenticated documents submitted by the student. 

4) The DFA sends the authorization to the Embassy or Consulate of the applicant’s country of origin who will issue a student visa to the applicant. 

5) The DFA shall then inform the Commission on Higher Education of the date of issuance of student visa and the name of the Philippine Embassy/Consulate concerned. 

6) Upon arrival in the Philippines, the student is required to go to the Quarantine Office for medical clearance. Then he proceeds to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR).

1. Upon arrival in the Philippines, the student has to enroll in no other school but Central Philippine Adventist College.

2. Foreign students are expected to study full time and should finish the course within the time specified in the approved curriculum.

3. Foreign students coming to the Philippines without a student visa, or only with a tourist visa are not allowed to study in the country.

4. A foreign student is charged an additional service fee of PhP 1,000.00 (per semester) for special services such as releasing of grades, processing of extension of authorized stay, transfers, change of courses, honorable dismissal, enrolment, etc.(DECS ORDER NO. 74, S. 1989).

5. Foreign undergraduate married students coming with their families may be provided with housing.

6. All students, except married ones and those staying with the faculty/staff, are expected to stay in the dormitory and eat at the college cafeteria.
NOTE: A notarized English translation is needed for diplomas/certificates/documents originally written in other languages.

The following are the requirements in the conversion of visitor’s visa to student visa:

1. Written endorsement from the school for the conversion of the applicant’s status to student on the school’s official stationary signed by the school registrar and stamped with the school’s official dry seal.

2. Original copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) containing a clear impression of the school’s official dry seal.

3. Proof of adequate financial support to cover the expenses for the student’s accommodation and subsistence as well as school dues and other incidental expenses. Scholastic records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the student’s country of origin or legal residence.

4. Police Clearance Certificate issued by the National Police Authorities in the student’s country of origin or residence duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place for student who resided in the Philippines for less than 59 days. However, submission of NBI clearance will be required for the applicant of the conversion of his admission status if he has resided in the Philippines for less than 59 days at the time of his application.

5. Quarantine Medical Clearance Certificate by the National Quarantine Office.

6. Copy of the Student’s Personal History Statement signed by the student with a 2x2-inch recently taken photo.

7. Photocopy of the photo, data and stamp of the latest arrival pages of the passport of the student. The passport itself shall be presented to the Bureau of Immigration office for verification.

8. National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) Clearance.