Central Philippine Adventist CollegeCental Philippine Adventist College

The School of Education

     The School of Education is composed of two departments - the Secondary Education Department and the Elementary Education. The Department has three major specializations namely: English, Biology, and Mathematics.

Mission Statement:

     The School of Education is committed to train future teachers who are professionals, and whose true education comes from the study of God’s Word, the Bible. Through model and method, and motivated by love, they ensure that by the time students leave school they shall have been competent, knowledgeable and service-oriented, and able to develop their own Bible-based method of teaching.


     The School of Education endeavors to produce teachers who have the high esteem and respect of their co-teachers, mentors, parents and pupils because they are equipped professionally and possess spiritual maturity, thus able to perform effectively and efficiently.


     The academic programs of the School of Education are designed to reflect the following general aims:

1. To prepare students who demonstrate by their behavior, the professional, social, emotional, and intellectual maturity necessary to perform effectively as elementary and secondary school teachers.

2. To develop skills, learning habits and attitudes needed for success in educational and related endeavors.

3. To prepare students with a degree of understanding in the area of English, Biology and Mathematics, that they may become contributors to the development of society.

 4. To use the students’ professional skills and selfless dedication, in honouring God and serving the Church and the community.