Central Philippine Adventist CollegeCental Philippine Adventist College


The Pioneer Hall is the oldest structure in the campus and earned the moniker Noah’s Ark because it housed everything during the pioneering days of the college. Today, it houses the gymnasium, temporary administration offices, temporary Music Center, and faculty homes.


The Residence Halls refer to the Ladies’ and Men’s Dormitories that are located opposite each other facing the college library.


The Cafeteria is the food service center of the college where nutritious vegetarian foods are served.


The Library is the hub of the academic activities of the college since it is located at the center of the academic area. The ground floor houses the School of Education classrooms and offices and the Audio-visual room and the Speech Laboratory.


The College Store provides for the most common consumer needs of the college community.


The Conference Hall beside the Cafeteria is a large air-conditioned room that serves as the venue for special occasion gatherings.


The Engineering Building temporarily houses the School of Arts, Sciences and Technology and the School of Theology.


The College Church symbolizes the ultimate goal of the college family to nurture the spiritual needs of the community.


The Nursing Building is the only 3-storey structure in the campus indicating the rich opportunities in the field of health care.


The Business Building houses the computer laboratory and the classrooms and offices of the School of Business.


The Student Center located beside the Conference Hall houses the Student Government Office and the Publications Office.


The Gazebo is the best place for small gatherings specially potlucks because of its cool location under the mango trees.


The Fast Food Center is located at the Recreation Center near the swimming pool. It caters not only to pool users but even to hungry students during class breaks and lunch.


The SON Guest House is a 3-bedroom guest house donated by the School of Nursing Alumni and enjoyed by guests who need rest.


The CPUC Guest House is also a 3-bedroom guest house donated by the Central Philippine Union Conference and enjoyed by visitors whether on vacation or on official function.


The NSTP Guest House is a 2-bedroom guest house especially constructed beside the NSTP Tilapia Pond.


New Guest House is another 2-bedroom guest house opposite the NSTP guest house built to provide more space for guests to stay especially during special occasions.


The Function Hall is an open, and large meeting place facing the swimming pool making its use very full of natural and scenic beauty.


The Function Hall Guest Rooms are nine guest rooms for larger groups of visitors who may come for vacation or for official functions.


The Swimming Pool comprises of one adult pool and one kiddie pool.


The Recreation Center includes the swimming pool, the guest houses, the Fast Food Center and the adjacent tennis court.


The Tennis Court is a 2-court tennis ground where all tennis enthusiasts meet regularly to sweat the stresses of the day out.


The Raya Hall is a multi-purpose hall donated by Dr. Armstrong Raya. It primarily serves as a chapel for regular morning and evening worships of working students living at the Education-that Saves Village.


The Education that Saves Village is an area in the campus where cottages were built by districts, missions, conferences and other organizations for deserving and persevering working students.


The Motor Pool is a place that houses vehicles and the automotive and welding center and helps students gain automotive skills to sustain their studies.


The Elementary School was first built for faculty kids’ basic education but now caters to the education needs of the community even up to ten kilometer radius.


The Technical Building was the old rice mill of the college but now temporarily houses the carpentry and maintenance departments where working students learn to carve furniture and do metal works.


The Quiet Hour Clinic houses the college nurse’s home and serves as the refuge of students and faculty who need medical care.


The Prayer Garden/ Ten Commandments Park is a small enclosure hedged with ornamental plants where the Ten Commandments are carved on stone at the far end center. This park is frequented by students who would like to communicate with God in nature.


The Wisdom Park is a landscaped area in front of the church and the Engineering building. It has a man-made stream, that traverses the ground from a tiny man-made waterfall    and a small fish                pond at the center where poles for academic flags and the Philippine flag stand. This is where the flag raising ceremony of the college is held during the first day of class every semester.


The International Friendship Circle is another landscaped area in front of the library with a globe at the center surrounded with international flags representing      international students enrolled in the college.


Eco Park is a beautifully landscaped area which initially was a transformation project of a filthy ditch into a tilapia pond to prevent the breeding of dengue mosquitoes.


The Bird Sanctuary is an area within the college property considered as a home to more than a hundred species of birds and bats that thrive because of the availability of much bird food and the harmlessness of the people around the area allowing them to even feed with domestic chickens. It also serves as a rich laboratory for Biology students.