"Promoting Excellence in Service, Faith and Learning"

The Academy is mandated to provide globally competitive instruction and training from Grade Seven (7) to Grade Twelve (12).


To provide a Bible-based education to students in Central Visayas through the influence and inspiration of Christ-centered educators.


To restore in humanity the lost image of God through the harmonious development of the mental, physical, social, and spiritual faculties.


CPAC-Academy envisions to be a leading Adventist educational institution in Negros Island.


CPAC – Academy Program Offering

Junior High School

  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are intertwining disciplines when applied in the real world. The difference of the STEM curriculum with the other strands and tracks is the focus on advanced concepts and topics.

Accountancy, Business and Management

The ABM strand in its most fundamental sense refers to the accountancy, business, and management academic programs that concentrate on the foundational concepts in corporate operations, financial management, business management, as well as each and every factor that revolves around those central fields.


CPAC-Academy is committed to:


Instill Christian love among students through the acts of kindness, helpfulness and compassion;


Teach obedience to the laws of one’s country when such laws do not conflict with the las of God;


Put emphasis on the dignity of labor and its values;


Encourage participation in outreach programs intended to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the communities;


Instill the culture of excellence in all academic programs, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities;


Foster the relevance of study programs and research for the improvement of the quality of life;


Produce efficient, effective, qualified, and globally competitive but locally responsive graduates for optimum service to God nd humanity.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to CPAC Academy!

Jack Nicklaus once said, “Crises are part of life. Everybody has to face them, and it doesn’t make any difference what the crisis is.” However, facing the uncertainty of the future calls for a risk-taker’s spirit and mentality.

This worldwide pandemic, the COVID-19, has forced leaders of any institution to be cautious especially that the health of everyone is at stake. The management of Central Philippine Adventist College Academy (CPACA) confidently assures its stakeholders that we will primarily abide with all the guidelines and precautions set by the government as the basis for our decisions and implementation of school activities and schedules. With the help and guidance of our Great Master Teacher Jesus Christ, I believe that very soon our nation will surpass this current dilemma, particularly in the area of education.

In the interim, I would like to encourage our students, parents, and teachers to be cooperative with all the policies set by the local and national government, keen in reading and listening to updates about the “new normal” in the opening of the next school year. I also encourage everyone to remain prayerful during these times. On another note, a grateful appreciation is extended to all our stakeholders for your incessant support to CPACA. You are the backbone of our tireless endeavors. Rest assured that the administrators of the academy and its teachers are keeping you in their prayers.

May the Lord God be with you as we embrace the “new normal” and may He continue to heal our land.

Leonora O. Carado, LPT, MMEM

CPAC Academy Principal