The School of Theology

The Bachelor of Theology Department provides education and training for those who will serve theChurch as pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, chaplains or in other areas of the Church's needs. Italso offers religion courses for all students as a general education requirement of the College.

Mission Statement 

     It is the mission of the School of Theology to train and equip men who are called to the pastoralministry through a thorough, well-balanced, theological and professional discipline. 


     As a Church institution of higher learning, we envision the School of Theology as a center devotedto excellence, commitment, and discipline where Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, works with andthrough human teachers to produce competent Church workers who will serve as pastors, administrators, or wherever they are called to minister in the world. 


     The Bachelor of Theology Department aims to accomplish the following:

1. Promote the fulfillment of Christian love in precept and in action as revealed in the Scriptures, being the main spiritual objective of the College. 
2. Prepare competent, highly motivated and consecrated ministers, Bible teachers, hospital chaplains, leaders in the publishing work, and other ministerial tasks in fulfilling the Church's mission. 
3. Develop students into fully committed workers who are compassionate to the people, zealous to teach the gospel, warm hearted, and loyal to the Seventh- day Adventist Church. 
4. Prepare certain students for graduate programs in religion. 
5. Clarify the self-disclosure and centrality of Christ as revealed in the Scriptures through theological, Biblical, and educational studies. 
6. Help students acquire an active life of faith, prayer, worship and service to God, fellowmen, and country. 
7. Continue the Ministerial Externship Program recommended by the Southern Asia Pacific Division as an effective and wholistic approach in training and ministering to future ministers.

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