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The School of Arts, Sciences and Technology serves as a support department and as a provider of academic programs leading to bachelor’s degree. As a support department it serves other schools by offering courses in the areas of Social Science, Humanities, Mathematics, Languages, Physical Science, Physical Education, and National Service.

As a provider of academic programs, it offers five curricula namely: Bachelor of Agricultural Technology, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Crop Science, Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Music.


The School of Arts Sciences, and Technology seeks to develop in the students, ideals, values, interests and skills in the fields of Agriculture, Social Sciences, Natural Science, Technology, Music and Engineering within the framework of the Bible and with the purpose of preparing them to become skilled, responsible, and competent contributors to the well-being of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the society.


The School of Arts, Sciences, and Technology aspires to be a globally competitive center of training in the fields of Agriculture, Music, Technology, Engineering and Science Education, and fully committed to produce skilled and value-laden graduates.


1. To train the students to use English and Filipino effectively through the study of the sound system, structural patterns, vocabulary, and the mechanics of the language. 

2. To cultivate in the students appreciation and value of the arts in any piece of work being studied. 

3. To provide students with basic knowledge and skills to become responsible citizens through a broader understanding of the natural sciences, history, culture, and society. 

 4. To expose students to scientific observation, problem solving, evaluation of evidence and other scientific process. 

5. To provide basic knowledge in civil engineering for students to become competent in the practice of their profession as contributor to the physical development of the organization and the community. 

6. To produce graduates who are competent in the practice of their profession and who are committed to serve God and the community.


July 25, 2017

The School of Education is composed of two departments - the Secondary Education Department and the Elementary Education. The Department has three major specializations namely: English, Biology, and Mathematics.

Mission Statement:

     The School of Education is committed to train future teachers who are professionals, and whose true education comes from the study of God’s Word, the Bible. Through model and method, and motivated by love, they ensure that by the time students leave school they shall have been competent, knowledgeable and service-oriented, and able to develop their own Bible-based method of teaching.


     The School of Education endeavors to produce teachers who have the high esteem and respect of their co-teachers, mentors, parents and pupils because they are equipped professionally and possess spiritual maturity, thus able to perform effectively and efficiently.


     The academic programs of the School of Education are designed to reflect the following general aims:

1. To prepare students who demonstrate by their behavior, the professional, social, emotional, and intellectual maturity necessary to perform effectively as elementary and secondary school teachers.

2. To develop skills, learning habits and attitudes needed for success in educational and related endeavors.

3. To prepare students with a degree of understanding in the area of English, Biology and Mathematics, that they may become contributors to the development of society.

 4. To use the students’ professional skills and selfless dedication, in honouring God and serving the Church and the community.

July 25, 2017

The School of Business, Computers, and Information Technology seek to prepare business and service leaders for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its institutions, and for the business community, in general.

     By providing quality business, computer and information technology programs, the department endeavors to form a professional and intellectual foundation for the learner, that will result to productive lives of people as well as a long range and stable success of their respective employing organizations.

Mission Statement

     The School of Business is committed to providing its students with quality Christian education that will develop them to become competent professionals of the future—as managers, book-keepers, programmers, computer technicians, secretaries and other service personnel whose integrity, honesty, and efficiency are beyond reproach.


     The School of Business envisions itself to be a recognized producer of workers who can cater to the Church and the world’s need for quality Christian workers who uphold the standards of the Seventh-day Adventist faith.


1. To provide quality instruction and service consistent with the highest Christian educational standards.

2. To promote precise, prompt, and courteous service to students, faculty, administration, and other recipients of service.

3. To provide students with a variety of skills and experiences to enable them to succeed in the complex, uncertain, and changing world of the 21st century.

4. To provide the students with basic business administration skills required for initial job placement.

5. To prepare business leadership service within the Adventist organization as well as in non-government and government agencies.

6. To introduce knowledge of different work environments and major business functions in order to come up with a cohesive and integrated decision-making scheme.

7. Orient students to use scientific research in solving business problems.

8. To develop in the students sound attitude, work values, and ethical principles that would guide them to become responsible business practitioners.

9. To provide programs of study that will enable the graduates to become competent business professionals.

The Bachelor of Theology Department provides education and training for those who will serve theChurch as pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, chaplains or in other areas of the Church's needs. Italso offers religion courses for all students as a general education requirement of the College.

Mission Statement 

     It is the mission of the School of Theology to train and equip men who are called to the pastoralministry through a thorough, well-balanced, theological and professional discipline. 


     As a Church institution of higher learning, we envision the School of Theology as a center devotedto excellence, commitment, and discipline where Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, works with andthrough human teachers to produce competent Church workers who will serve as pastors, administrators, or wherever they are called to minister in the world. 


     The Bachelor of Theology Department aims to accomplish the following:

1. Promote the fulfillment of Christian love in precept and in action as revealed in the Scriptures, being the main spiritual objective of the College. 
2. Prepare competent, highly motivated and consecrated ministers, Bible teachers, hospital chaplains, leaders in the publishing work, and other ministerial tasks in fulfilling the Church's mission. 
3. Develop students into fully committed workers who are compassionate to the people, zealous to teach the gospel, warm hearted, and loyal to the Seventh- day Adventist Church. 
4. Prepare certain students for graduate programs in religion. 
5. Clarify the self-disclosure and centrality of Christ as revealed in the Scriptures through theological, Biblical, and educational studies. 
6. Help students acquire an active life of faith, prayer, worship and service to God, fellowmen, and country. 
7. Continue the Ministerial Externship Program recommended by the Southern Asia Pacific Division as an effective and wholistic approach in training and ministering to future ministers.

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January 12, 2017