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The College Seal depicts the ideals, the goals and the scope of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian education.


            The Globe indicates the global thrust of SDA colleges, operated and administered under one common philosophy of Christian education- to restore in man the lost image of God.


 The Philippine Map in the seal points to the specific location of CPAC.  Whereas, she caters primarily to the educational needs of the Filipino youth in Central Philippines, she also opens her doors to the venture some youth of the world, who in search of knowledge and for the quenching of the thirst for adventure, want to enter her portals. 


 The Flaming Torch with the inset head of the dove, portrays the college as a bearer of the Gospel torch, casting her light all around, with the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit.At the center of the seal is an open Bible, God’s Holy Word, the only foundation and source of true knowledge and wisdom.  The Bible supports Educational Tools representing the three aspects of Christian education- spiritual, mental and physical emphasis on manual labor and healthful living.


The educational tools represent the values that CPAC holds dear:


  • Tri-square – rightness or integrity.
  • Compass - completeness or perfection.
  • Gear Wheel – manual labor or diligence.
  • Books – quest for knowledge.
  • Caduceus – healthful living and the church’s position on non-combatancy in military training.
  • Microscope – continuous research, study and awareness of things that are seemingly inconspicuous but significantly important.

The Laurel Leaves represent the challenge to the youth to do great things for God. It also connotes success for those who, in humility, accepts and lives the principles of Christian education.

The Circle that surrounds the seal represents the wholeness and completeness of Christian education.

The College Name encircling the logo articulates the college’s full and total support of the ideals, objectives, and philosophy of Christian education.


The various colors in the College Seal have the following significance:


  • Red stands for the courage of the founders and the pioneers who established this college. It also symbolizes the crimson blood of Christ shed for our redemption.
  • White represents the pure and unselfish motives of the founders and pioneers of the College. It indicates the purity of the Church.
  • Blue is a symbol for loyalty. It is an invitation to all members to remain loyal and true to the Church.
  • Yellow stands for jealousy and zealousness. It is a challenge to every member to be jealous for the Church and to be zealous unto good works.
February 2, 2018



In the heart of Sugarlandia

At the foot of Marapara

There stands a refuge for the youth,

Our school, a citadel of truth.


Here mountains, sea and distant isles

lift hearts to heaven where naught defiles;

the air is cool; the water is pure,

free gifts of him whose love is sure.




We'll sing of thee, CPAC

We pledge thee love and loyalty;

Forever guide, forever be,

Our college, dear CPAC;

We honor thee, CPAC;

For molding us for eternity;

Forever guide, forever be, `

Alma matter, CPAC!


Here lovely flowers and friendships bloom

To charm the eye, to banish gloom;

The thought of thee, CPAC,

Will follow us on land and sea.

(Repeat Chorus)


Words:                                                              Music:

Mrs. Marie E. Bingcang                                               Prof. Rudy Ruiz

February 2, 2018

First Semester: June 4 – October 11, 2018


May 30 – 31


June 4-5

Departmental Meeting

June 6-11


June 12

Independence Day

June 13

Classes Begin

July  10 –13

Prelim Examinations

July 20

Recognition Day

August 7-10

Midterm Exam

August 12

Foundation Day

August 13-16

SG Days

August 21

Ninoy Aquino Day

August 22-24

International Students’ Days

August 27

National Heroes Day

September 11-14

Semi-Final Examinations

September 16-21

Week of Prayer

October 8-12

Final Examinations


Second Semester:  November 6, 2018 – March 29, 2019


November 6–9

Registration Days

November 12

Classes Begin

November 30

Bonifacio Day

December 4–7

Prelim Examinations

December 17- January 2

Christmas Break 

January 11


January 3

Classes Resume

January 15–18                

Midterm Examination

January 20–22                 

Department/School Days

February 10-16

Students Week of Devotion

February 19-22

Semi-final Examination

February 25 - March 1


March 8

Research Forum

March 18-22

Seniors’ Final Examinations

March 25-28

General Final Examination

March 29-31

Graduation Exercises

April 1                         

Year-End Reports

April 2-5

Faculty Retreat


Summer 2019:  April 15 – May 24


April 10-11

Strategic Planning

April 12 

General Budget Hearing

April 8,9


April 15

Classes Begin

May 1

Labor Day

May 1-3

Midterm Examination

May 22-24

Final Examination

Note: No extra- curricular activities one week before prelim, midterm, pre-final and final exams.

June 7, 2017



Student Government 208.60 208.60
Club Fee 260.75  260.75
Yearbook 625.80 625.80
Cottage/Dorm 73.01  73.01
Library 31.29 31.29
Contigency 52.15 52.15
Student Publication 104.30  104.30
Academic Bulletin 170.90   
Student Handbook 73.01  
Application 156.45  
Orientation 156.45  
Psycho Test 156.45  
TOTAL Php 2,069.16  Php 1,355.90 
June 5, 2017


            General Fees Amount
Computer/Internet Fee                1,752.76 
Development Fee                        733.75 
Library                                           755.65 
Medical/Dental                             317.59 
Matricularion                                   273.79 
Guidance                                      292.41 
Audio Visual  120.47 
Lyceum  120.47 
Endowment Fund  361.40 
Recreation Center   457.77 
Postage                                        54.76 
Test Paper                                                                197.13 
 Total General Fees  5,437.94 
June 5, 2017