Plan | Estimate | Build

The Civil Engineering program aims to produce graduates who possess these attributes: Strong spiritual values and conscientious about caring God’s creation and environment. Concern for the protection and presentation of the environment. Competence in the use of their knowledge of arts, sciences, and engineering concepts. Aptitude and competency for planning, designing, constructing, managing, and maintaining of civil engineers works. Decent, healthy and happy life through precepts and example.

"Helping to feed, to cloth and to fuel the world"

Students who will pursue the Agriculture curriculum will: Serve as denominational employees or become self-supporting laymen prepared to assume leadership roles in a community. Better appreciate the role of God as Creator and the unique stewardship responsibility of men as they become personally involved in the care of plants and animals. Gain a high respect for the dignity of labor, irrespective of social background, by engaging in various activities required for the successful pursuit of the vacation. Be acquainted with the general filed of Agriculture and its more specialized branches through theoretical and practical experiences. 

Create | Generate | Implement

The Computer Department aims: To provide students with timely computer and business skills to be used in the service of God and humanity. To develop students to be self-reliant and useful citizens in a highly computer-oriented society. To inculcate in the minds of the students the principles of honesty, industry and competence in the use of computer technology. To produce graduates who are spiritually mature, balanced and competitive to become successful IT professionals.

Design | Teach | Communicate

The Electronic Engineering program aims to prepare graduates who possess the: Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, physical, life, and information sciences and engineering sciences appropriate to the field of practice. Ability to design and conduct experimental, as well as to analyze the interpret data. Ability to design a system, component, and or process to meet desired needs within identified constraints. Ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. Ability to recognize, formulates, and solves engineering problems. Recognition of professional, social, and ethical responsibility. Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

School of Engineering and Technology

Agriculture Department

Engineering Department

Computer Department

Engr. Prince Minel

Chairperson, BSCE

Ralf Jangit, MSCS

Chairperson, BSIS

Engr. Frederick Linatan

Chairperson, BSECE

Engr. Rene M. Milleza, MSME

Professor, BSCE

Engr. Ryan Wales

Instructor, BSCE

Engr. Herjane Pasuquin

Instructor, BSCE

Edwin Salleva, MSCS

Professor, BSAg

Jonaliza L. Gallego

Instructor, BSAg

Elnelyn C. Oberio, MIT, NC III

Instructor, BSIS

Wilfredo Ladanio, NC III

Instructor, BSIS

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BS Civil Engineering

BS Agriculture major in Crop Science

BS Electronic and Communication Engineering

BS Information Systems

School Dean Corner

Dr. Carlos V. Jardeniano

Dean, School of Engineering and Technology