"Molding Minds for Lifelong Learning and Selfless Service"

The School of Education is committed to train future teachers who are professionals, and whose true education comes from the study of God’s Word, the Bible. Through model and method, and motivated by love, they ensure that by the time students leave school they shall have been competent, knowledgable and service-oriented, and able to develop their own Bible-based method of teaching. 

School of Arts, Sciences and Education

Elementary Education Department

Secondary Education Department

Physical Education Department

Biology Department

Music Department

Psychology Department

Graduate Studies

We also offer Graduate Study Courses like Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management.

Dr. Shirley A. Bangoy

Program Coordinator, Ecology/GenSci/Medical

Winner E. Silvestre, MA Music

Program Coordinator, Music Education

Sarah P. Antad, LPT

Program Coordinator, Physical Education

Allen G. Amarilla, LPT, MAEd

Program Coordinator, BSEd Filipino

Leren D. Bernardino, LPT, MAEd

Program Coordinator, BEEd

Lebin T. Bernardino, LPT, MAEd

Student Teaching Coordinator

Dama Cynheal S. Solis, LPT, MAEd

Program Coordinator, BSEd English

Jhonna G. Toledo, LPT, MAEd

Program Coordinator, BS Psychology

Emelyn Joy A. Maglana, LPT, MAEd

Professor, BSEd

Wilsa T. Amar, LPT, MAEd

Instructor, BSEd

Ruby T. Campos, LPT, MAEd

Professor, BSEd

Ismael G. Chua, LPT, MAEd

Professor, BSEd

Israel G. Entima, LPT, PhD

Professor, BSEd

Prospero G. Gonzaga Jr., LPT, RN MSN

Professor, BSEd

Anabella V. Lazo, RN

Instructor, BSEd

Arturo V. Sarrosa Jr., RN, MAN

Professor, BSEd

Jumalyn Abraham, LPT

Instructor, BSEd

Jonel C. Carballo, LPT

Instructor, BSEd

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BS Education major in English

BS Education major in General Science

BS Biology specialized in Medical

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy

BS Education major in Filipino

BS Education major in Mathematics

Bachelor of Physical Education

Bachelor of Elementary Education

School Dean Corner

Arnel F. Arcenal, PhD

Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Education