The year 2020 came with a bang. Wildfire in Australia, refugee crises, political unrest, forest fires in the Amazon, earthquakes, and many more happened on schedule as if they are important annual events. But the icing on the cake for this year is COVID-19.

Due to the pandemic, businesses were shut down, operations of schools were stopped, travels were put on hold, governments in the world sought stability, and the normal became the new normal. Despite all these, humankind is gifted with an unbreakable spirit.

The fear that COVID-19 brought is slowly dissipating, and the world is entering a new era where health awareness and vigilance for safety is required.

CPAC joined the welcoming of the new era. With this came the challenge of keeping the students, faculty, and the campus safe from the ravages of COVID-19.

Several measures were designed to combat the virus, and if strictly observed, it will help to eradicate it. CPAC joined hands with the local government to provide health guidelines for the community to follow. Strict compliance is required.

Still, everyone is praying that everything will be back to normal. But for now, CPAC will endeavor to brave the odds and surf through the new normal with the strength of the Almighty God.