The “Prayer Garden” has been one of the most beautiful and memorable landmarks ever since the pioneering years of CPAC. During our time, it was named “The Ten Commandments Park.”  Its location is just a few meters towards the front of the Noah’s Ark or the Pioneer Hall (gymnasium) and the western part beside the Ladies’ toys for couples custom basketball jerseys custom basketball jerseys black hair wig adidas ultraboost nike air max sale adidas promo code nike air jordan red nfl jerseys air jordan 3 best sex toy for men nike air jordan 6 rings nike air jordan 1 womens adidas yeezys nfl super bowl

This park was constructed on March 1983, spearheaded by Pastor Hector Gayares Sr., who was then the Negros Occidental Conference president and eventually the Central Philippine Union Conference President of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

To the student pioneers, this landmark always sparks nostalgic feelings for CPAC. A stone wall inscribing the “Ten Commandments” has been built. In front of this is the baptistry where numerous baptisms are being held every now and then. The baptistery has staircases made-up of pebble marbles. On the sides are cemented benches and the Bermuda carpeted lawn around it gives an air for relaxation and a prayer mood.

During the pioneering years, the Prayer Garden had been a multi-purpose place. The baptistery served as the venue of religious activities such as Adventist Youth programs, sunrise and sundown worship of student groups, etc. Socialization and bonfires also took place. At certain times, the baptistery also served as a mini-swimming pool. In fact, many of the faculty kids learned how to swim in it. Birthday parties were also held there. As of now, this place holds many of the best photo shots of the campus. Dignitaries, guests, and local visitors have been toured here.  

          After dining at and coming out of the cafeteria, one would hardly miss seeing and dropping by the Prayer Garden place. This place is where we usually meet our friends, and our pep talks would last for hours. On Saturday nights, couplers would line up in this romantic area, and many would attest that their relationships started and developed, and eventually ended at the altar as a married couple. The Ten Commandments shrine was a witness to many tears pleading to the Lord for blessings and support financially, cries of discouragement, loneliness, and tears of joy from big and little successes of students, tears from broken hearts because of broken vows and sweet smiles and chuckles from the exchange of “I Love You.”

Students and workers of CPAC come and go, but the “Ten Commandments Park,” now called the “Prayer Garden,” stands still and remains a silent witness to many groaning and joyful hearts demonstrated in this place while praying to a merciful and loving God.

           Today, it is more fascinating because it is repainted with light blue and white, efforts of Dr. Arturo V. Sarrosa and his Ethics students, 1st Semester 2022-2023. Thank you so much, Doc. Art.

Written by: Mr. Edwin A. Salleva

Edited by: Dr. Allen G. Amarilla and Mrs. Emelyn Joy A. Maglana

Layout by: Mr. Kaiser Reignheart E. Metran