It was only 8:00 am of Thursday, May 5, 2022, yet the sun was already high. The waft of CPAC air was as warm as the smiles of Zeta Elite ’95 representatives as they arrived from various localities in Negros, and even one from Manila, who came for the event. College administrators and faculty were equally excited to participate and witness the program prepared by Dr. Jessie J. Aragon, Jr., CPAC VP-Advancement, and his staff.

The hydroponics greenhouse project is a collaboration between CPAC and Zeta Elite nursing class 1995. The first of its kind between this college and its alumni. Zeta Elite ’95 will provide funding for the project that will be executed and supervised by Dr. Carlos V. Jardeniano, Jr, Head of the Agriculture department. The aim is to produce lettuce using hydroponics technology which will also be integral to the BS Agriculture curriculum. Ultimately, the proceeds from this partnership will be utilized to establish a scholarship program at CPAC under the Zeta Elite Foundation.

Dr. Neda June D. Salazar, CPAC president, opened the program with a welcome remark. Songs of praise followed, led by Mrs. Esther G. Sunico, Academic Office secretary, and Dr. Eldyn S. Toledo, VP-Student Administration, offered an invocation. Then Mr. Winner E. Silvestre, Music department head, delivered a powerful keynote message from the story of Elijah in Mount Carmel.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony was participated by CPAC administrators, stakeholders, engineers, farm and garden supervisors, and the Zeta Elite ’95 representatives. The prayer of blessing and dedication was led by Pastor Jemuel M. Toledanes, CPAC Church pastor. Mrs. Maylialuz L. Orian, Chief financial officer of Zeta Elite ’95, delivered the class response on behalf of their president, Mr. Lowell V. Vingno, and Mr. John Abner G. Arcon, VP of Zeta Elite Foundation. The symbolic endorsement of the initial check for the project’s kick-off was received by Mrs. Pearl Rhelmae F. Arevalo, CPAC VP-Financial Administration. The program was closed with the singing of “He Leadeth Me” and benediction by Engr. Reil Ryan T. Wales, the Project Designer.

The occasion did not stop there. The Zeta Elite’95 guests had an exciting tour of the campus accompanied by former mentors: Dr. Arnel F. Arcenal, their algebra & chemistry teacher; Mrs. Salvacion G. Ban, Clinical instructor; and Mrs. Vevian F. Ghulam, Clinical instructor and current member of their Advisory Board.

The ceremony and tour were aptly concluded by a reception at Sugarland Hotel in Bacolod City. Mrs. Vevian F. Ghulam proposed a toast for the success of this partnership over a sumptuous meal sponsored by the class. Memorable stories at CPAC were retold, and laughter rang around the room. What a happy mini-reunion of former students and teachers!

Here’s an excerpt from the inspiring address delivered by Mrs. Orian:

The Zeta Elite Nursing Class of 1995 left the campus of this great institution 27 years ago, but the real sphere of our ethos and resolve stayed with the college. We remain proud to declare that our batch is unique in our camaraderie, unity, and solidarity. As a group, we survived the test of time and hope that with God’s blessings, we will continue to hold on together to deliver God’s mission in the years to come.

We are at the stage in life where we can mind our own business, deal with our careers, relax by the beach with family and friends, travel the world, enjoy shopping, and let CPAC do its own thing. So why do we bother? Why do we want to add more stress and work to our otherwise peaceful existence? The answer is simple, we care! Our class philosophy says, “We Choose to Serve,”. We chose to do this for you. We care about our young students with fantastic academic potential but limited economic means. We care that the rich natural resources at CPAC would be utilized to their full capacity and that we can compete with the Agricultural technology around us. We care that the alumni family would also be able to share their wisdom with the younger generations. We care that Zeta Elite can leave a legacy of compassion and decency.

Zeta Elite’s partnership with CPAC is the surest sign yet of our exuberance and dynamism. This proves that we never forget our roots – our past – and it will be our profound honor to be instrumental in shaping the future and destiny of our college. We want to ensure that every student matters by allowing them to avail quality Christian Education here at CPAC.

Written by:
Allen G. Amarilla
Lowell V. Vingno